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In a recent speech about paying university fees, I said one sentence: “Your scientific question is one of the strongest decisions about power.” After that, I felt very bad.

Why? Because I do not have enough time to figure out how much paper is in the speech. So basically I said, “It’s all important” and go on. Excuse me!

But I mean that the strength of your academic field will eventually decide if you have received the prize. To compensate for the information in the speech, and when I realized how many disciplines many of you are, these considerations for writing a scholarship essay.

Yes: Think about your thesis as track gauge

When writers are based on novels, they just start hoping that the story ends up with thought. Instead, they watch the whole story (beginning, middle, and end), create an overview, and then think about important scenes related to any story. Here’s how to write a scholarship essay.

Do not: Try to answer the animal directly

All essays starting with “I want to learn ____ because” I need to get rid of “or” to complete the future mine “(if you are not a good author of the scheme). Strength, especially credentials and tips for the purpose of the job use guidance.

You want to solve a topic (the purpose of the work you want to talk about in your career and why you want to follow them), but you want to do it creatively – in the context of the story you have to do is write down.

Think: You have a strong author to test your essay

This is a necessary step, do not let it go (regardless of how poorly you are, so that others can read your writing). Good questions are essay writers, friends (strong writers) and tutors / advisers. Do not let your parents read their essays – they can translate well, but I can see that parents’ sponsors are damaging more than good.

Not: despair over the word number

If the project focuses on words or time is a web application that creates a severe constraint on the number of words, then you must understand that you have +/- 20 words or more. This means that if the number of words is 500 and typing 510 … then it may not be unintelligible. Make sure you need additional words.

Yes: see real rewards

Many scholarships are awarded by scholarships last year. This is the best resource to understand the resources needed.

No: wait in the last minute

If you wait for the message you are writing, it’s difficult to accept the suggestions in this essay.

Finally, definitely not less.

Yes: delete your first draft

Write the first draft, modify it, praise it – then take the gap and throw it in the trash. You can always do better than the first draft. Try to write a better version from the beginning as the first edition. I do not know why this method works well, but it is.

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