Lady Gaga Wrote a Powerful Essay on Suicide & Mental Health

A new column, written by Lady Gaga, has enough psychiatric resources, pays more attention, sympathy and treatment around the world, he hopes everyone will “take on a new movement” that will help fight it.

“Now, all countries in the world, both” mental health “” developing countries “,” “the star was born,” the actress wrote that her and the WHO Director-General Dr. Adhanom Ghebreysus editions. The Guardian on Tuesday.

Lady Gaga was the A Star Is Born College in Los Angeles on September 24th. Getty Images

Gaga and Ghebreys are directly referring to suicides and declare that this is another leading death in the world of 15-29 people. They say that when Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade (two of them alone in their last life in June) and other celebrities mourn openly, but there are 80 million people suicide each year, “son, daughter, friend or colleagues, precious family and community members.”

Recent trends show that women are particularly vulnerable to suicide.

After a 19-year-old rape, Gaga was open to fighting mental illness. During his visit to December 2016, he showed that he was captured after the attack.

In 2017, Gaga and Prince William shared a video call to discuss their struggle for mental health and treatment.

Prince William and Lady Gaga are working with military campaigns

April 18, 20170: 23

The column says that mental health will receive less than 1% of global support, while domestic funding will put an end to mental health, raise awareness and offer “just about a bit” treatment.

“Although this is a general issue, we still have trouble discussing this issue publicly or providing adequate care or resources,” he said. “The family and the community are often silent shortly. It’s a shame to tell us that those who have mental illness do not deserve or suffer their suffering.”

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