Newcastle Stage Christmas Carol Review – “Stunning Dickens Story”

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North Cam or A Christmas Carol is a vibrant, classy classic, defeating the brisk soundtrack and daring design to survive.

Neil Bartley special arrangement does not differ from the original story and is met with all kinds of expectations of strike, but set in the 1920s. Allow for awesome design options (Rhys Jarman put in a thin, smooth and thorough consultation of the smart suits the challenge is to increase). Composer Hannabile G Sanders (also perform) brings freshness to traditional Christmas gifts from the gospel blues drum in West Africa and other kinds of farewells.


Scrooge Nick Figgis turns the results carefully and is very disturbed, somewhat funny, Craig Fairbairn is a beautiful Bob Cratch. Many talented actresses make a good physical theater – the chain around Rachel Dawson refused Marley on the beams and Will Pennington gave way to rigid discussions of Christmas ghosts. Clara Darcy is a wonderful Christmas day.


This is not precise production, strange imagination, including the shadow of the real story. The first half may be harder and some music levels are drawn. But director Mark Calvert gives precious time to real emotions – the death of Tiny Tim was very impressive and the spirit of Christmas in the future is very scary, it’s a brutal subject. The result is very proudly proud, such as Christmas superiority, noise, happy, somewhat confusing.


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